Key Spouse Newsletter – October



Special Guest Speaker – 24 September 2018

Please join us for “The Words No One Wants To Hear” on Monday, 24 September at 10:00 AM at the IDRC (Deployment Center) Auditorium. Our guest speaker is Mrs. Robbie Certain (wife of Col (Ret) Robert Certain, 2018 AF Ball Guest Speaker). We invite Commanders, First Sergeants, Key Spouses, Lead Spouses, and all spouses to attend. For more information call A&FRC at (605) 385-4663.

Certified Nursing Assistant and Medication Aide Education Opportunity

The A&FRC has acquired an AF Aid Society grant to provide FREE training and certification in the area of Certified Nursing Assistant & training/certification and a Medication Aide certification! C.N.A.’s are a valuable asset in a number of health-related facilities and are considered one of the most marketable and portable careers, as well as one which could lead to other opportunities in the health field.

Who is eligible for this training?

–ALL spouses of Active Duty Airmen stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD.

What’s required?

–Interested spouses should provide their name and contact information to the A&FRC NO LATER THAN Wednesday, September 19th by calling 605-385-4663! The A&FRC will compile a list of interested spouses and communicate program specifics by the end of September 2018. Those interested will also attend a program Open House on 25 September from 6-8 PM at Western Dakota Tech.


— Those interested should be able to complete the coursework, clinicals, and certification tests during the tentative time frame following:
C.N.A. Class–Nov 5-16
C.N.A. Clinicals–Nov 26-27
C.N.A. Testing–Nov 28-30
Med Aide Class–Dec 3-5
Med Aide Clinicals–Dec 6-14

If there are questions regarding this training program, please contact Jeff Hollinshead at the Ellsworth AFB A&FRC, 605-385-4663, or via email at .